Monday, November 29, 2010

Fiction: "Msnbc Going Down-down-down.."

On September 28, 2010, at Telewatcher, "Ulsterman" published an article titled "Msnbc Going Down-down-down..". This is an excerpt:
Industry insiders now speculate that it was NBC’s decision to make MSNBC a far-left news network that ultimately proved its undoing. "When Bush was president, MSNBC enjoyed higher ratings simply because mainstream Americans had grown angry toward the then president. Since Bush has left office, these same viewers have lost interest in MSNBC’s brand of angry liberalism. Personalities like Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz in particular have become, for a lack of a better term, played out in the current political climate. Sponsors are stepping away from MSNBC because it simply lacks the audience or prestige to give a good bang for buck regarding advertising dollars." Said Lance Blegorn, media consultant for the Atlanta based advertising firm MediaMotek.

There is no such person as "Lance Blegorn." Nor is there any real organization named "MediaMotek," either in Atlanta or anywhere else. Google searches for either produce only links to this article by "Ulsterman."

Once again, "Ulsterman" manufactured a fake "interview" with a completely fictitious person, and passed it off as real news.

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