Monday, November 29, 2010

Fiction: "83-year Old Great-Grandmother Heading to Rally to Restore Sanity"

On October 23, 2010, “Ulsterman” published an article entitled "83-year Old Great-Grandmother Heading to Rally to Restore Sanity." This is an excerpt of that article:
Patricia Siebenaler has seen much change in the world during the course of her 83 years. World War II is still a vivid memory, when she and her friends quit school early to work full time at a factory in 1944 to help with the war effort. She married her husband Doyle Siebenaler, a WWII veteran and machinist, in 1947...

And now Patricia Siebenaler, an 83 year old widow, grandmother, and great-grandmother, is preparing to join the throngs on October 30th for the Rally to
Restore Sanity in Washington D.C.

The article includes extended quotations from "Patricia Siebenaler."

While there are real persons bearing the name "Patricia Siebenaler," no hometown is provided for the interviwee in this article by "Ulsterman." A curious and unfortunate omission for an article about a trip to D.C. The photograph attached to the article also appears to show an elderly Asian woman.

However, if mere doubt is not enough to convince you that "Ulsterman" made up Ms. Siebenaler and her comments, consider then what "Ulsterman" has done with the article. Following my communication with “Ulsterman” where I revealed that I knew he had made up “Jan Wendt,” this article was scrubbed from “Ulsterman”’s archives. Fortunately, I saved a copy of it.

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  1. good work sourcing all this - i appreciate people who spend their unpaid time doing this kind of work - as a conservative and a blogger ( people like ulsterman just give us a bad name.